Stencil Trash Records: Vier neue Veröffentlichungen nach langer Pause & Geburtstagsshow im AK47 in Düsseldorf

Nach mehr als zwei Jahren Pause gibt es neue Platten von Stencil Trash Records aus Düsseldorf. Als Fan der ersten Stunde, des auf handgemachte Vinyl-Kleinstauflagen spezialisierten One-Man-DIY-Labels, freue ich mich auf folgende neue Platten:


STR #023: The Metric Eyes 7″

The Metric Eyes were a Punk/Garage allstar band with Daniel of Dean Dirg, Toyotas and Johnny Notebook (voc/guit), Chris of the Briefs (drums), Laura of the Boonaraaas (bass) and Kika of Von Grapa (synth). They existed from around 2011–2014 and played a few shows only.

Pressing infos
• 194 copies in a 1c silkscreened cover (artwork by Kika) – 350g/m² grey recycled paper – green wax – stamped labels (handcut b-side stamp) – with insert printed on 250g/m² natural paper (scanned cyanotypes) – numbered by stamp – please note: some covers got neon orange spray paint splatter and some covers are printed on slightly different paper
• 25 test-pressings with a 1c neon pink silkscreened cover – 300g/m² white paper – numbered by hand


STR #025: Les Marinellis – Île de rêve LP (special edition only/co-release with P.Trash)

„Forget all those bands who think too high of themselves, and play a record by a buncha kids havin‘ a blast playing the sound they love! That’s right, get ready for round three of the MARINELLIS’ take on the garage sound. Safe to say that if you dug their previous efforts, you’ll rank this record pretty high on your ‘top garage records’ list! And I’m not just sayin’ that ‘cuz I want you to buy this record. Just listen to a few of the tunes and try to come back to me telling me those are not some of the finest garage pop tunes you’ve ever heard…Yeah I didn’t think so. Anyway, this time, the band totally left behind their JAQUES DUTRONC influences and other pastiche from the past to give us 10 fresh and exciting psychedelic garage-pop gems, intertwined with a hint of western twang and choke-full of catchy melodies. So put that sucker on and experience the full spectrum of the MARINELLIS’ talent from the lysergic ‘L’Indienne’ to the upbeat ‘On Dit’. By the way here is no place for certain band recommendations anymore. Now LES MARINELLIS is the reference!“ (Christophe Lopez-Huici / Bananas Zine)

Pressing infos
• 100 copies in a three-sided cut-out 2c silkscreened cover – 350g/m² nutmeg paper – stamped brown paper labels pasted over the original labels – black deluxe innersleeves – numbered by stamp


STR #026: Johnny Notebook And The Blue Screens – s/t one-sided 12″

Johnny Notebook is the synth punk solo project from Daniel of Dean Dirg, Toyotas and Metric Eyes.

Pressing infos
• 170 copies in a 2c silkscreened cover – 400g/m² white paper – white wax – silkscreened b-side – stamped a-side label – with insert printed on 250g/m² natural paper – black deluxe innersleeves – numbered by stamp
• 20 test-pressings in a 1c silkscreened brown disco bag sleeve with a 2c silkscreened PVC cover wrapped around – silkscreened a-side label – stamped label logo on the backside – numbered by stamp


STR #027: Ruby – s/t one-sided 12″

Powerpunk. Berlin. (Ex-)members of: Blank Pages, Idle Hands, Die Tunnel, Out on a limb, Dulac, Randy’s Ripcord)

Pressing infos
• 190 copies in a 2c silkscreened cover – 350g/m² nutmeg paper – clear wax –
silkscreened b-side – stamped brown paper a-side label pasted over the white label –
with insert printed on 250g/m² recycling paper – black deluxe innersleeves – numbered
by stamp
• 20 test-pressing in a 1c silkscreened birch tree plates cover – two plates connected by two hinges – hinges fixed with glue and black duct tape – numbered by hand


Und weil Stencil Trash Records im November schon seinen sechsten Geburtstag feiert gibt es eine kleine Geburtstagsshow mit Ruby, Johnny Notebook and Brain Traps am 26. November 2016 im AK47 in Düsseldorf. Facebook Event:


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