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TrueTrash: You are a four piece Indie Rock’n’Roll band. For all our readers who do not know you. Would you tell us who’s behind „All The Young“?

All The Young: We have Ryan Dooley on lead vocals and guitar. Jack Dooley on bass. Dave Cartwright on lead guitar and Will Heaney on drums.


Where and when have you met? When has „All The Young“ been founded?

We started in Stoke-on-Trent about 2 years ago. We’ve known each other for a long time as we were in different groups in the local area. I guess you could say this band has been 10 years in the making.


You grew up in Stoke-On-Trent. Is this the reason you founded „All The Young“ – to escape from your evergrey hometown? Or why have you decided to found a band?

Our band is our escape from everyday life in general, not just Stoke-on-Trent. We want to travel the world playing music and All the Young has allowed us to do that. We get to see some of the World’s biggest cities so I guess it has helped us escape yes.


Originally your bandname was „New Education“. Why have you changed it to „All The Young“?

Will wasn’t in New Education. When he originally joined we kept the name but after a few months we felt like a new band. We had an extra dynamic in our rhythms and we also started to dress smarter. It felt like a new band so we had to rename it.


Ryan and Jack are siblings. Two brothers, two egos, many problems? Or do you always harmonise?

Myself and Jack have been very close for a number of years now. We’ve been in about 5 different groups and we have had our differences for sure. It seems nowadays that we argue a lot less as we are doing what we always set out to do. Who knows? Maybe in 10 years time I will have ripped his head off!


What makes your music special and different from other bands?

We are the last gang in town in terms of proper guitar music. Even the main guitar bands have forgotten about solos, big choruses and big outros. There aren’t enough great guitar bands like the heroes of our youth and it’s a shame. We wanna change that.


Do you have any idols, that influence your music?

Yes. Bands like The Clash, The Manic Street Preachers, The Sex Pistols, Oasis. These were all important guitar groups, the likes of which are not seen enough these days.


You are signed by „Warner“. How did you do this? Have you sent them a demo tape, or have they contacted you?

They contacted us via email after discovering our demos online. The best thing to do when in a band is just post your 2 best tracks online. It’s key not to over expose yourself.


In May you will release your debut album „Welcome Home“ in Germany. Would you tell us some details about it?

Welcome Home is something we are very proud of. We didn’t hold back at all and we’re happy with what we have done. It’s a loud, proud, anthemic guitar album and we can’t wait for Germany to hear it.


„Welcome Home“ was produced by Garth Richardson, who already worked with bands like „Rage Against The Machine“ or the „Red Hot Chili Peppers“. How did it come to this collaboration?

Garth invited us to go and record a single with him after hearing one of our demos and we went over there for a ‘tester’ session. The results were amazing and we made our mind up right there and then. Garth is such a talent and the band have formed a great relationship with him.


Are there any special topics you have dealt with on the album?

It’s mainly about Welcoming Home the great songs of old. We think we have made the record that a lot of people want to hear. It’s also about breaking free and letting guitar music take you where you wanna be.


The album will also be out on a limited edtion vinyl – signed by the band. Are you vinyl junkies yourself or do you offer a vinyl version just to make your fans happy?

We are collector junkies for sure. I have some rare Bob Dylan & Beach Boys vinyls at home and if I see a vintage vinyl I will always buy it. I think it’s important that bands keep with this. It’s a special thing to do.


The album is available for 4.99 pounds in the UK. How can you offer such a good price? Will similiar offers be available in other european countries?

I would imagine so yes. We want to give our fans something special at an affordable price. People take music for free nowadays so we have to offer them something special to keep up with that. Our book pack is a nice touch.


You just came back from a gig in Reykjavic (Iceland). What is your dream location or place, to play the perfect gig at?

Reykjavic was very special indeed. Such an amazing location with some amazing scenery. I’d love to travel to Asia one day and see that side of the world. One day maybe?


What are your plans in future – after the release of „Welcome Home“?

Well we have lots of new songs ready so we just wanna keep gigging and writing new material. This band will be around for a long time whatever happens. We love writing songs and we wanna do it forever.


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