Nachgefragt… bei Sammy Battle

Anlässlich seiner Tour mit Freddy Fudd Pucker hat Sammy Battle (Acoustic Folk/Punk aus Manchester) unseren kleinen Fragebogen beantwortet.

I am…
Sammy Battle.

I would never ever…
Stab someone in the back for my own personal gain.

I would instantly…
Quit my job to go on the Revival Tour!

In my next life…
I would be a better musician.

If only I had known…
That my dad was going to drop and break one of my guitars, I would have carried it myself.

It is long overdue…
To get back in the studio and record these songs that are currently floating round in my head.

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll…
Can I have an early night instead?!

The first record in my collection…
Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends… It wasn’t the first record I owned but its the one that stands out in my mind as being a turning point for me, it came out when I was in my first band and holds so many fond memories.

A band worth seeing live…
Alexisonfire, these guys have never disappointed – I can’t believe I’m not going to see them on this mini comeback tour they are currently on.

A band I would have loved to see…
‘The Band’ during their ‘Final Waltz’ tour, they had some incredible artists on that line up!

The best show we ever played…
Opening for Northcote and sharing the stage with both Matt (Northcote) and Billy The Kid to sing ‘Worry’, it was insane and a moment that I will remember for the rest of my days!

The worst show we ever played…
was at a weird bar in Hull, the other acts mates left once they had played leaving a total of about 2 music hating drunk members of the audience.

The best thing in our band history…
Is being lucky enough to get out on tour.

The worst thing in our band history…
I turned up to a venue once that had no system set up, no sound tech and the manager was nowhere to be seen, luckily one of my buddies managed to get something set up and did the sound… what a guy!

Looking back…
I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself about things that didn’t really matter.

In 10 years…
To have toured more of Europe and to have at least one US tour under my belt.


29.8. Berlin, DE – Ramones Museum
31.8. Leipzig, DE – Stoned
02.9. Soest, DE – Pub Music Night // Alter Schlachthof
03.9. Erfurt, DE – Duck Dich // Engelburg
04.9. Schwäbisch Gmünd, DE – Hinz und Kunz am Boulevard
05.9. Aalen, DE – Frapé
06.9. Brandys Nad Labem, CZ – Sklep
07.9. Kosice, SK – Pokhoi
08.9. Budapest, HU – 100 as Club
09.9. Wien, A – Loft
10.9. Timelkam, A – Bart
11.9. Oberstaufen, DE – Jones Bar
12.9. Baden, CH – Treibguet
13.9. Stuttgart, DE – Wagenhallen
14.9. Zürich, CH – Dynamo
15.9. Freiburg, DE – Rufetto
16.9. Koblenz, DE – Freiraum
17.9. Paris, FR – Le Pop In
18.9. Bree, BE – Ammeloela
19.9. Amsterdam, NL – House Show
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