Nachgefragt… bei Walk The Plank

Walk The Plank aus Washington DC sind in der Hardcore/Punk Ecke zu Hause. Anlässlich ihrer Europatour im November und Dezember 2015 hat die fast komplette Band unseren Nachgefragt… Fragebogen befüllt.

I am…
IAN (Vocals)       Laying down and listening to Jane’s Addiction.
CHRIS (Drums)   Faust the drummer.
AARON (Guitar)  The second tallest person in the band.
ALEX (Guitar)     NOT the walrus.
TIM (Bass)        A lion.

I would never ever…
IAN       Compromise myself or the things I believe in.
CHRIS   I don’t like to limit myself.
AARON  Eat a pizza with olives.
ALEX     Fit in a smart car (I’m tall).
TIM       Say never.

I would instantly…
IAN       Get abducted by aliens or swim with manatees.
CHRIS   Go sky diving.
AARON  Take a nap.
ALEX     Travel the Trans-SiberIAN       Railway.
TIM       Help someone that is hurt.

In my next life…
IAN       More gold
CHRIS   I will probably be a bug of some kind.
AARON  I’m going to work less.
ALEX     I’ll be an Iron Chef.
TIM       I want to remember the lessons of this life.

If only I had known…
IAN       That patience is a virtue .
CHRIS   Invest in AOL.
ALEX     How to fly on a magic carpet.
TIM       I might have asked her to stay.

It is long overdue…
IAN       That Walk The Plank plays a show in Antarctica.
CHRIS   Dismantle monsanto.
AARON  That I renew my subscription to thrasher magazine.
ALEX     That I learn how to surf.
TIM       Ugh…the rent maybe?

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll…
IAN       Have their moments.
CHRIS   Yes please.
AARON  Dennis Leary is a great actor.
ALEX     And a burrito.
TIM       Hell yes!

The first record in my collection…
IAN       Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails.
CHRIS   I think it was an old Patsy Cline 45 from my grandparents.
AARON  Is the one in the front.
ALEX     Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell.
TIM       Was The Goons/The Boils split 7 inch.

A band worth seeing live…
IAN       Body Count.
CHRIS   Any of them.
AARON  Is any band with no egos or bullshit that are out there making a go at it.
ALEX     Quicksand.
TIM       Is The Scandals.

A band I would have loved to see…
IAN       The Dead Boys.
CHRIS   Cream.
AARON  Avail.
ALEX     Earth, Wind, and Fire.
TIM       Would be Jawbreaker.

The best show we ever played…
IAN       The Wreck Center in Boston.
CHRIS   Dead Kennedys, though not because of them.
ALEX     Every single one.
TIM       Was opening for Pennywise in front of over 1,000 people.

The worst show we ever played…
IAN       Any show at Cafe 611.
CHRIS   We played at a house in Washington dc, we all got wasted before we played and by the time all was said and done we had lost our bass player, beaten up a chair, and my girlfriend at the time vomited in the van. Just an all around shit show.
ALEX     The one that got cancelled.
TIM       Was the many shows we’ve played where no one gives a shit.

The best thing in our band history…
IAN       Seeing the world with my best buds.
CHRIS   Being part of a band that has been around long enough to have a history.
ALEX     All the places we’ve had the chance to travel to.
TIM       Is being friends, traveling the world, doing what we love.

The worst thing in our band history…
IAN       Shitty attitudes.
CHRIS   The time(s) our van died on tour. Yes, there were several.
ALEX     Our damn van. We should have never toured in that thing as long as we did. It was death trap.
TIM       Is all the other bullshit we have to put up with in order to keep playing music.

Looking back…
IAN       Hurts my neck.
CHRIS   Its been a hell of a ride.
ALEX     I have no regrets and I keep looking forward.
TIM       Things have been rough, but slowly on the rise over many years.

In 10 years…
IAN       Walk The Plank on the moon.
CHRIS   I want to own an alpaca farm. I love those cuddly bastards.
ALEX     I want to be living in Costa Rica.
TIM       I hope I’m still playing music somewhere.


21.11. Ostrava, CZ – Plan B
22.11. Budapest, HU – Aurora
23.11. Bratislava, SK – Batyskaf
24.11. Kosice, SK – Colloseum
25.11. Brno, CZ – tba
26.11. Maribor, SLO – Dvorona Gustaf w/ Such Gold
27.11. Stuttgart, D – Gaby’s Gruft*
28.11. Weißenburg, D – AJZ*
30.11. Zürich, CH – Dynamo*
01.12. Freiburg, D – KTS*
02.12. Ulm, D – Cat Cafe* w/ The Liberation Service
03.12. Darmstadt, DE – Bessungere Knabenschule*
04.12. Hof, D – Alte Filzfabrik*
05.12. Oettingen, D – Juz*

*with Dashcoigne



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