Nachgefragt… bei The Dirty Mugs

Das US Label East Grand Rec. hat wieder mal was nettes an Land gezogen. The Dirty Mugs aus der Gegend um Oklahoma spielen eine eingängige Punk-Mischung und veröffentlichen im Oktober 2014 ihr neues Werk. Lead-Sänger Grampa Friday und Akkordeon Spieler Wreckin’Ball Duvallhat haben unseren Nachgefragt… Fragebogen beantwortet. Nur das mit der Flogging Molly als erste Platte. Na ja. Mehr so semi-glaubwürdig. Das ist aber traditionell eh die Frage bei der am meisten geflunkert wird. Der Biene Maja Soundtrack würde dem Punk-Image halt doch ein bisschen widersprechen. Als Musiker hört man eben immer schon gute Musik. Auch als Kind.


I am… Grampa Friday. Guitarist and singer of the Dirty Mugs. I just got woken up way too early to be told to expect a phone call from Afroman. I’m grumpy haha.

I would never ever… …huh?

I would instantly… Do almost anything for a good time, regardless of possible negative repercussions.

It is long overdue… Tour forever. Coming your way Germany!

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll… In copious amounts, all day every day.

The first record in my collection… Was Flogging Molly’s “Drunken Lullabies”. I started late.

A band worth seeing live… The Goddamn Gallows. Fantastic song writing and phenomenal performances every time. Quite possibly the best live show I’ve seen.
The best show we ever played… Was a sold out show to 2000 people at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had the biggest circle pit I’ve ever seen in my life, for any band. We were opening for Rancid in 2008. When the lights dimmed, signaling that we were about to play, a huge chant of “Sexy time! Sexy time!” ensued.

The worst show we ever played… Was in Henryetta, OK  some years back. I was kicked out of the venue multiple times before we played, and was so inebriated by the time we played that the band wouldn’t let me play guitar and insisted that I just front. So I spent the show yelling nonsense and had to be held up by the crowd. That show forced me to implement certain regulations on my pre-show substance abuse.

The best thing in our band history… Could very well be working with East Grand Records.  They make good things happen.

The worst thing in our band history… Was definitely when I decided to marry a devilish woman and let her play washboard in the band. We had a good year or so. After that, it was impossible to enjoy anything. She’s kicking rocks now.

In 10 years… In the event that I survive that long, I will still be doing this, and preparing for the 20th anniversary of Dirty Mugs shenanigans.


I am… Wreckin’Ball. Accordionist of the Dirty Mugs. Grampa Friday just woke me up because he was cranky about being awake before noon, so I woke up the rest of the band for the same reason.

In my next life…  I will live it just like I do this one… Not worrying about the past, making as much of right now as possible, and being ready for tomorrow.

If only I had known… The secret to success is letting go of all of the
expectations we are taught to grow up with and just doing what matters to you, then I would have started touring when I was a toddler.

A band I would have loved to see… The Stray Cats, on their first world tour.

Looking back… Hardly ever, and only to share the best memories.





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