Nachgefragt… bei Robert von den Spirits

Die vier Jungs von den Spirits haben zuvor unter anderem in Bands wie Test of Time, Beartrap, Debaser, Daytrader und No Harm Done gespielt. Mit der neuen LP Discontent geht das Quartett aus Boston im Mai erstmals auf Europa-Tour. Zeit für uns mal nachzufragen…


I am… Robert, the bass player in Spirits. We are a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA, USA and are gearing up to tour mainland Europe in May to support our debut LP, Discontent!

I would never ever… eat seafood.

I would instantly… go go the moon if Space X offered me a free trip. Who wouldn’t want to go to outerspace? I bet the view of earth is pretty, pretty, pretty killer from up there.

If only I had known… how much awesome food is in Europe, I would have come there on tour or vacation a lot sooner that last summer.

It is long overdue… that the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup. I mean, seriously. Come on already.

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll… is a pretty bland and boring cliche.

The first record in my collection… The first record I ever bought, in regards to vinyl, was Bad Religion’s Atomic Garden 7’’ bought used for $2 at Hi-Fidelity Record Store in Woodbridge, VA. Black vinyl, white labels. If we’re talking CD’s/Tapes and that whole lot, Bad Religion’s Suffer on CD was the first I bought with my own money.

A band worth seeing live… There are all sorts of awesome bands worth seeing live. Some current favorites are Propagandhi, Night Birds, Lipstick Homicide, and Sweet Jesus.

A band I would have loved to see… is Minor Threat or early 90’s era Bad Religion. Or Articles of Faith in their prime. How about Millencolin… one of the few active bands that I still have not seen live.

The best show we ever played… will definitely be in Europe on our upcoming tour.

The worst show we ever played… typically happens in our practice space about once a week. They don’t call it practice for nothing after all.

The best thing in our band history… is yet to be written. It probably involves a country we’ve never been to, some bizarre food, a body of water, and a go-pro.

The worst thing in our band history… was definitely when we had a band snowboarding trip a month ago and our drummer Kevin went down the hill twice, then fell and hurt his tailbone. He then went home and has not snowboarded since.

Looking back… is typically not a good way to live your life. Make the best of what lies ahead.

In 10 years… I will hopefully have acquired the small handful of white-whale records I’m missing for my collection and will still be playing music.



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